2014 Porsche GT3

The Design 

With over 2,300 sold, the 911 GT3 Cup is the undisputed number one among Porsche motorsport teams. The car competes in prestigious racing events around the globe, including various Porsche Carrera Cups, the GT3 Cup Challenges and the Porsche Mobil 1 Supercup. It also lines up in various GT racing series and endurance races.

Why? Because the 911 GT3 Cup has got what it takes. Specifically, we’re referring to a powerful yet extremely efficient engine and a sequential gearbox; the results of considerable development effort. Then there is the bodyshell construction which is based for the first time on a combination of aluminium and steel and boasts improvements not only in aerodynamics but also in safety – another of our primary obligations.


  • Aluminium six-cylinder rear-mounted boxer engine
  • 3,800 cc; stroke 76.4 mm; bore 102.7 mm
  • Max. power: 338 kW (460 hp) at 7,500 rpm
  • Max. rpm: 8,500 rpm
  • Single-mass flywheel
  • Water cooling with heat management for engine and gearbox
  • Four valves per cylinder
  • Sequential multi-point fuel injection
  • Required fuel quality: minimum 98 octane ROZ, unleaded
  • Dry-sump lubrication
  • Electronic engine management (Bosch MS 4.6)
  • Race exhaust system with regulated race catalytic converter
  • Twin-branched muffler with centred exhaust pipes
  • Electronic acceleration pedal


• Porsche six-speed sequential dog-type gearbox.
• Internal pressure-oil lubrication with active oil cooling
• Limited slip differential
• Triple-disc sintered metal race clutch
• Pneumatic paddle shift system
Gear Ratios:
• Ring & pinion gear 14/22 i = 1.571
• Final drive 17/41 i = 2.412
• 1st gear 13/41 i = 3.154
• 2nd gear 17/40 i = 2.353
• 3rd gear 19/36 i = 1.895
• 4th gear 19/29 i = 1.526
• 5th gear 24/30 i = 1.250
• 6th gear 34/35 i = 1.029


Front axle
• Aluminium six-piston racing callipers in monobloc design
Rear axle
• Aluminium four-piston racing callipers in monobloc design

Front and Rear
• Multipiece steel brake discs; internally vented and sloted, 380 mm diameter
• Two independent brake circuits for front and rear axle, adjustable by the driver via brake balance system
• Racing brake pads
• Optimised ventilation routing


  • COSWORTH ICD colour display
  • COSWORTH electrical system control unit IPS32
  • Drive-by-wire system
  • Fire extinguishing system (extinguishing agent: gas)
  • Battery 12 V, 70 Ah (AGM), leakproof, placed in the co-driver footwell
  • Alternator 90A
  • Weight optimised fan
  • Wiper with direct drive
  • Bi-xenon-headlight
  • LED daytime running light
  • LED rear lighting system and rain light


• Lightweight bodywork with smart aluminium-steel composite construction
• Front bonnet with air inlets for cockpit ventilation and quick fasteners
• Modified and widened fenders

• Widened rear wheel arches

• Modified and widened 911 GT3 front-end fender with spoiler lip
• Modified 911 GT3 rear fender with integrated rain light
• CRP doors with sport-design rear-view mirrors
• CRP rear lid with ram-air box and quick fastener
• CRP rear wing with Gurney Flap.
• adjustable PC windows and rear side windows with ventilation openings
• PC rear window

• Underbody tray with air routing for brake- and driveshaft cooling on the rear
• Weight-optimised magnesium subframe

• 100 litre fuel cell (FT3 safety fuel cell)
• Built-in air jack system (three legs)